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Region Chief Commissioner’s Award #2!

Millie Vanderpump aged 17 has just heard the news that she is to be awarded the Chief Commissioner’s Award for her dedication to both 6th Earlsfield Brownies and Rainbows. The Leaders nominated Millie in recognition of her amazing contribution to these two units which meet on different days. She has been a key member of the two leadership teams for 4 years, firstly as a Young leader and now as an Adult Leader in Training. We think Millie is the youngest person to have this award bestowed upon them – congratulations!!!



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Region Chief Commissioner’s Award

On 22 June over 50 leaders, parents and former Guides – together with the Region Chief Commissioner Pip McKerrow, County Commissioner and District Commissioners – sprung a surprise award on Kaye Farmer who has led Brownie and Guide units in Kaye and PipStreatham for 43 years. This is the first time this prestigious award has been presented in LSW: Kaye is well known as a leader of a Guide and Ranger unit and has led hundreds of girls on outdoor activities and camps – shaping the lives of many girls. As one of the older Guides says “it has amazed me how dedicated Kaye is to guides and how much time and love she has given not only to our unit but to the whole guiding community”.Jim and Pip

There was cake and drinks to celebrate and a special ‘camp inspired’ cake baked by one of the leaders.

Not to be forgotten, Jim Farmer was also presented with a Girlguiding Thanks award for all his support of Guiding and volunteering at many county events and in many roles.  The evening finished with a song about Kaye’s time in Guiding sung by the leaders who had joined us for the evening. Congratulations to both Kaye and Jim for all you do for Guiding in London South West.

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Camp of ice and sun!

8th Upper Tooting and 5th Balham Guides had a lovely 2 night camp over May bank holiday with a bit of all weathers, except rain!

Icy tenttent2
Each morning we woke to find ice on our tents, but by the time breakfast was served, the sun was creeping across The Shaws Campsite towards Lavender Hill! Activities included having a go on The Shaws’ new trampolines, some archery and lots of general camping skills. (Picking ice off the woodpile to start the breakfast fire anybody?!).

Top siteBluebells
The girls enjoyed “camp responsibilities” of being in the patrols to be Cooks, Wooders and Health, and everybody got their Camp Badge if they hadn’t done it already!




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Rainbow Sleepover @ ICANDO in London

Rainbow120 Rainbows and 6 leaders from Clapham, Stockwell and Waterloo had their very first sleepover on Friday 22nd April 2016 at Icando in Victoria. We started the evening with a choice of activities from circus skills, puppet shows, challenging games and activities. The group were from 5 different units across the county, so we also spent some time getting to know each other and playing some familiar Rainbow games.

Dinner for the evening was Pizza! Lots of choice and different toppings for everyone (and not much left over!!)

We then started creating our bug jars for some exploration in the local park the next day. We had a mixture of ladybirds and bees to create. Everyone slept (for the majority of the night) with a pretty late evening and a welcome lie in the next morning. We had a short DVD before lights out to get everyone settled in their beds and arrange themselves across the mattresses on the floor.Rainbowgroup

The next day we headed to St James park to see Buckingham Palace and then spot lots of things to complete our Growing Up Wild Urban Area badge. We stopped in a wooded area to get our bug jars out and try to find some bugs! We had a range of worms, earwigs, beetles and other unidentified animals land in the jars. It was a chilly morning, so we then headed to a cafe to stock up on some hot chocolate and toilet breaks. We saw lots of guards and bands and horses walking around St James park and stopped to see what was going on.

Rainbow2Then we needed some chill time, so we headed to Jubilee gardens playground so that the Rainbows could run around, warm up and let off steam.

The sleepover was a great success and 3 of the leaders who do not currently have residential qualifications, were able to get involved with the hope of completing a unit sleepover in the near future themselves. There was so much fun and enthusiasm from all the Rainbows and leaders and Sophie, aged 5, made us all laugh when she screamed excitedly at her mum when getting picked up ‘I didn’t only get one badge, I got two badges’!

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New “Think Resilient” Resource

New to Guiding is the “Think Resilient” Resource, aimed at Brownies, Guides and Senior Sections and aims to give them tools to help build mental well being and cope with every day life. Developed with the help of Peer Educators (14-25 year olds) who can also deliver sessions, its in answer to the fact that girls are increasingly aware of the importance of good mental health.

Details of the resource can be found here:

If you are a LSW Unit and want to book a Peer Educator to come and start you off, please email and we can put you in touch.

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LSW International Fundraising

Two girls from LSW are fundraising for unforgettable, girl led adventure this summer in South Korea and Malawi.

Grace and Elsie are joining other girls from across London and the South East on these once-in-a-lifetime trips this summer. The trips are part of an international programme which encourages Girlguiding members to make a positive difference around the world.

Grace and Elsie will be raising funds ahead of their trip by selling hand knitted hats and toys, baking cakes and puddings, running a “buy a diary page” lottery activity, holding a second hand clothes sale – and more!

Elsie is going to South Korea and said that she is “Looking forward to meeting girls from such a different culture and exploring a country with different customs, foods and ways of doing things”. Grace is really looking forward to going to Malawi and working at Fisherman’s Rest, as well as seeing the animals and a “totally different way of living to South London”.

Both girls will take part in a service project with some time afterwards for sight-seeing and other activities. The trip is taking place thanks to Girlguiding LaSER’s (London and South East England) programme LaSERIO, which offers international adventures to around 50 young women aged 14 to 25 each year.

The young women plan their own trip, choosing the activities they want to do and deciding how they want to make a positive difference during their trip. Participants are supported throughout the fundraising process to ensure the opportunity is open to all members. Every year, Girlguiding sends hundreds of young women on international trips across the globe – empowering them to take part in vital community development work, explore new cultures and develop their sense of adventure.

To find out more about Girlguiding, the UK’s leading charity for girls and young women visit

And if you would like to contribute to Elsie fundraising efforts visit

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Thanks to our outgoing County Commissioner

On Sunday 21st February, London South West County met together to improve our camping skills on a Camp Skills Day. This however was a ruse because we were in fact congregating together to celebrate the reign of our fabulous County Comissioner Tora Shand. Tora has been LSW commissioner for the last 5 years and it is with great sadness that we have finally decided to let her give up this post!! Not to be out done in true LSW style we made sure she had a send off that she wouldn’t forget. Many came along to say a very big thank you for all that she has done and that we will miss her as our fearless leader!


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Senior Section Spectacular

Its 100 Years of the Senior Section and there are lots of exciting plans going ahead for 2017. Girl Guiding have launched a program of events from day events all the way up to international events! are the details.


Closer to home we have our Launch event on Sunday 30th January – see the flyer below for details:

Get Set Advert

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Pumpkin Challenge Camp 2015

What fun we had!

11am on Saturday morning saw 58 girls and 14 leaders assemble on Lavender Hill for 24 hours of fun and challenges. First task, put up some tents!

After lunch the afternoon continued with various challenges including pumpkin carving (of course!), archery and a treasure hunt. Points were rewarded for their activities, as well as camping “etiquette”. (Wooding or guy rope tightening anyone, points mean prizes?!). Darkness began to fall as we sat down for our sausage and pea sauce pasta followed by muffins and custard, and just as the last spoon was licked, the skies opened and the rain began to pour! Unperturbed, the girls ran for cover in Luckhurst Hut and some impromptu singing and performing began. Once the rain had subsided, there was the small matter of washing up to do, but this was followed, closely, by some marshmallow toasting and hot chocolate before bed. I say bed, it was a couple of hours of chatting, until silence fell over Lavender Hill.

Bright and early, and I mean early (clock change related!) the girls were up, and so the catering team (myself included) were up to get the fire lit and the bacon on. Morning is chilly on camp so the fire was the place to be. Cereal and bacon sarnies eaten, activities commenced for the morning. Some time on the climbing wall, some challenges and some tent striking, along with the surprisingly popular activity of scrubbing dixies!

Lunch was wolfed down in the bright sunshine and it was time for the final ceremony and goodbyes. Well done to 9th Clapham Park who were the winners of the brand new Challenge Shield.

A good time was had by all, see the photographic evidence below! Until next camp……….

Challenge2 Pumpkins2

Challenge Pumpkin Sleeping Tents


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Queens Guide Award for LSW Member

We’re amazingly proud of Danielle Whiting from our London South West County,who is having her #QueensGuideAward presented in Parliament on Monday 21st September.

Watch out @UKParliament, there are 41 inspirational @Girlguiding members coming for their #QueensGuideAward!!! Photos hopefully to follow!!


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