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Trefoil Guild

An organisation of over 20,000 members – mostly made up of women and men who have been and still are connected with Guiding and Scouting, there are 3 active Trefoil Guilds within LSW. Mostly meeting once a month they follow a varied program of activities, guest speakers and outings, along with supporting unit and district events. East Wandsworth Trefol for example have an active part in Balham and Tooting District’s activities, judging the annual Guide Cooking Competition and during the lunchbreak at their AGM at Faurefold collect wood for the girls firelighting skills.

Further information on the Trefoil Guild can be found on their website: or for information on the Guild within LSW, email Any member of Guiding over 18 can join the Trefoil Guild, 2 of our 3 meet on weekday afternoons and the 3rd on a weekday evening so email us for their program of events or to find out how to join.