We are delighted that Tora Shand has been awarded her Laurel Award at Heyswood on 11th March 2017.

Tora was joined by many Guiding friends for an afternoon tea and presentation, and the weather shone brightly so we also enjoyed the grounds at Heyswood and relived some Guiding memories during the afternoon.

Sally Christmas, LaSER Chief Commissioner, presented the award to Tora and highlighted many of the wonderful comments that had supported the award – while Tora tried to guess who had said all these things about her!

 Tora is one for sowing the seed and watching it grow – always there for support and encouragement where needed.”

 “She has worked hard to ‘grow guiding’ and over her term of office 21 new Units have been opened and our girl membership numbers have increased by 45% and volunteers by 54%.”

 “Tora has had a huge impact on my leadership style as a Guider and Scout Leader and I still think about her wise advice when I am working with children in my voluntary roles today.”

 “I learned very quickly how to make a cup of tea fit for my District Commissioner, even at camp when drinking from a plastic mug the milk had to go into the cup before the tea. Still to this day I can’t believe it tastes different, but Tora insists.”

 “Gilt is testament to Tora’s belief that the best we can be is working together. And the more we work together the better the programme offer to girls and leaders will be.”

 We then finished off the celebration with a campfire led by Tora herself, singing lots of favourites of course…. a campfire built by some hardworking guests and toasting marshmallows.

 It was a lovely afternoon with lots of stories and memories shared amoungst the guests, who were also very willing participants to a Guiding journey participation story of which many of them have been a part of!

 Very many congratulations Tora

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