We started off our amazing sleepover at 5pm where we took the boiled egg (from our resource pack) as well as a variety of felt tips which we used to decorate and create our egg characters (I designed Totoro with No-face’s mask on).

We decorated our boiled eggs before we started looking after them!

Our challenge set by the leaders was for the whole weekend to keep it safe and get no cracks in it as well as taking it on an egg venture.

Half an hour later we logged off the zoom call; between 5:30 and 7:00 we created our dens as well and had our dinners. On the second zoom call of the sleepover, at 7pm, we joined together again and were joined by a lovely lady from Jumping Clay called Katie who did a workshop with us where we created clay models of ourselves in our guide uniforms.

Making Eggy Bread for Breakfast

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast on zoom where we made eggy bread step by step whilst chatting joyfully. Our last zoom of the sleepover was at 4:30pm.

In between the two zoom calls we were set activities to complete for example: taking your egg on an egg venture; packing a 72 hour bag; and writing a postcard to a local hero. We ended our virtual sleepover by making s’mores over two tea lights and finishing off with camp songs like we would do face to face.

eggs with light jar

Whilst online Guiding is not as easy as face to face Guiding I really enjoyed the virtual sleepover and am so grateful to the Leaders for organising such an amazing event.

Charley, 4th South Battersea Guides