Girlguiding x University

As it gets to Freshers week again, I’d like to share why I think getting (or staying) involved in Girlguiding at University is such a brilliant idea. You can register your interest here.

1. It takes up less time than you think ~ when people think of volunteering, they think of giving up hours of their time every week and having no time left to themselves. With Girlguiding, you can volunteer as little or as often as you want. You can choose to volunteer on a weekly basis, give a few hours every month or take part in a one-off event – it’s entirely up to you!

2. There are a wide variety of roles ~ you can volunteer in a unit; this involves turning up to unit meetings and getting involved in helping our young members with the activities being run. You can be an adviser on practically anything! I’m the Queen’s Guide Award advisor for both my home and my university county and I love it. It takes up to an hour or two each month to answer any questions candidates have and I get to see them through the highest award available to our young members! I also work on the PR and Communications team, which involves helping to run our social media and answer the public’s burning questions. You can take on some of our admin, this is a really flexible role where you can get into the fine details of Guiding in our county and it’s always a huge help.

Volunteering with Rainbows and Brownies

3. You get to do so many exciting things ~ I don’t have the word count to go through everything I’ve done through Guiding. I have been a Young Leader, Brownie Leader, Queen’s Guide and Communications adviser, on the facilities team at Wellies & Wristbands (highly recommend!), Lead Admin for Girlguiding LaSER (London and South East Region) Inspire section, Peer Educator and so much more!

4. You get to feel like a kid again ~ after a day spent in lecture theatres trying to get my head around some very challenging concepts, I always love heading to my Guide meetings and getting stuck into something silly and fun – last time, we went crazy visiting our local trampoline park!

5. It’s time off from study ~ when you first enter the hectic world of university, it can feel as though all you do is study! Being a Girlguiding volunteer means that you have time off to think about something other than your degree and it can be really refreshing, particularly at such a challenging time in the world right now.

2 volunteers in Girlguiding uniform

6. Meet new people and gain new skills – I’ve met so many new people since being in Girlguiding, from all walks of life and from all ages. I’ve gained so many new skills for my CV and I have no doubt that being a Girlguiding volunteer was a massive help in getting me my university place.

7. Badges, badges and more badges ~ need I say more??

brownie and leader around a campfire

8. Its flexible around you ~ Uni can be tough. A whole new city, a whole new set of friends and a whole lot of firsts – the first time you walk into a lecture theatre, the first time you do your own washing and even the first time you set the fire alarm off after cooking for yourself! Girlguiding has made their roles flexible so you can volunteer on a day and at a time that works for you, this means you don’t have to put down solid commitments and can always take time out for yourself.

9. Opportunity to do useful training ~ a lot of universities don’t have mandatory first aid or safeguarding training, so doing them through Girlguiding gives you these useful life skills in a safe and secure environment. I recently went on a mindfulness course with another county, and it was really, really insightful and a good way to look how to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

10. Overall, it’s just fantastic, flexible fun!

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